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Casa di Cavalieri accepts canine joiners of all sub-species, but is Luperci dominant.


Casa di Cavalieri’s claim spreads from as far east as the rich forests of Arachnea's Revenge and The Sugarwoods to the rolling hills and valleys of Overgrowth Sunrise. It’s central reaches encompass the entirety of Whisper Beach and it’s sandy shores. Overall, Casa’s claim is rich and not without it’s hidden jewels, like the crystal embedded hot springs- The Steam Baths, and the ethereal Mirage Glade.


The pack is led by two leaders of equal power. Members do not need to have combat skills to join but all members must participate in training threads and earn a co-rank in order to earn the glory of knighthood!


Casa di Cavalieri was created out of a need for a central group of protectors after the Aniwayan/Crimson Dreams/Cour des Miracles war. The original founders believed that by creating a pack focused on the training of fighters they could deter, as well as greatly increase the reaction time of packs to similar, future threats.

Social Structure

Casa di Cavalieri is dedicated to training knights who follow a code of honor; as such respect is given to all who are willing to help their brothers and sisters. All of the Cavaliers are expected to perform jobs for the pack on top of their training to keep the pack moving smoothly. Pups and youths are held in high regard and are given Mentors in order to mold them into prosperous members.


Welcome: warriors, healers, diplomats, equestrians, hard workers, heroes, combat trainees

Unwelcome: thieves, trouble-makers, murderers, addicts, hermits, liars, those of low-morals

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