Casa di Cavalieri co-ranks work on a three-tier system: Apprentice , Journeyman , and Master . Members may hold a maximum of two co-ranks, a Brotherhood rank, and an Ambassadorship. The co-rank icon on your character's profile will reflect the highest co-rank tier achieved. The higher tier your character holds the more respected they are in their field, but the more you are expected to prove they are doing their job.

Requirements for Tier 1 - Apprentice

  • Your character must be in the First Cadet rank or higher.

  • Choose, and complete, two of the challenge thread prompts listed for your desired Co-rank. Each challenge thread must be a minimum of 900 words with the majority of your posts focusing on the challenge.

  • Submit your 2 completed prompts to the Casa Leadership Account.

Requirements for Tier 2 - Journeyman

  • Your character must hold a Tier 1 co-rank and it be at least 6 months since achieving this Tier.

  • Message two own choice challenges related to your co-rank to the Casa Leadership Account for approval.

  • Once your challenges have been approved, write 1200 words for each challenge with the majority of your posts focusing on the challenge.

  • Submit your 2 completed prompts to the Casa Leadership Account.

Requirements for Tier 3 - Master

  • Your character must hold a Tier 2 co-rank and be at least 6 months since achieving this Tier.

  • Message two own choice challenges related to your co-rank to the Casa Leadership Account for approval.

  • Once your challenges have been approved, write 1500 words for each challenge with the majority of your posts focusing on the challenge.

  • Submit your 2 completed prompts to the Casa Leadership Account.

Submitting your co-rank

When you are ready to submit your co-rank, please fill out the form below and PM the Casa Leadership Account. Be sure to title your PM with the co-rank name you are requesting for.

  • Co-rank name and Tier: ex. Hunter, Apprentice/Tier 1

  • Challenge Sentence 1 (Word Count) - Link

  • Challenge Sentence 2 (Word Count) - Link

Maintaining a Co-rank

A co-rank acts as your character's primary job(s) and helps the pack to run smoothly and realistically. As such there are annual requirements for proving IC your character is maintaining their job responsibilities. Please submit requirement maintaining threads to the Casa Leadership Account in November or December every year. You are exempt from these requirements the year you earn your Tier 1. If you do not submit threads you will be sent a warning to complete the threads in 2 months or lose one tier of the co-ranks you did not submit for.

  • Tier 1 Apprentice - No requirement! Your character dabbles in this job or is just learning, they are not expected to maintain any consistancy.

  • Tier 2 Journeyman - 2 threads a year. Your character is regularly doing this job and is respected for their work.

  • Tier 3 Master - 4 threads a year. Your character is the best of the best in this job and consistency is proving their expertise. They are likely one of the first canines called for help in their field.

Additional Information

  • Workshops are available as both housing and workspaces for those in need of additional space for crafting or building for their Co-rank.

  • Members may only have two Co-ranks and an Ambassador Co-rank (Council members) at any given time (3 total). Brotherhood ranks do not count towards this limit.

  • Read-Only (RO) or Self-Threads are only permitted if at least two or more previous challenge threads have died due to your thread partner’s failure to reply. Evidence must be submitted to the OOC Casa account through PM, and then be approved by Leadership.

  • Duplication of threads completing the same challenge may be discussed on a case-by-case basis with Leadership.

  • You may only use a thread for a Co-rank or Rank Advancement once.

  • There are currently no limits to how many members may hold a specific Co-Rank.


Pup Sitter

The Pup Sitter is responsible for helping new parents care for pups until the age of 6 months. More often than not, they care for pups in order to give the parents some time to relax. When a pup enters the Candid and Reticent ranks, the Pup Sitter must continue to keep track of their educational and social progress. If they have any concerns about a pup's progress, they must report such concerns to the leadership. Furthermore, they may act as a midwife to those who are pregnant, assisting them throughout their pregnancy. Pup Sitters may also aid in the pup's assimilation into the pack culture and customs.

1. Discuss a youth's educational progress with a Mentor or Apprentice.

2. Have a play date with a puppy.

3. Teach a youth a new skill.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership.


The book lovers and knowledge keepers of the pack. They enjoy spending their days cooped away in the library or reading a book in the lounge. Often, they are called upon for their knowledge of the human world and to teach the youths more academic subjects. Scholars are the go-to members to begin instruction to youth on reading and writing. They may also help keep written records of pack events.

1. Observe or learn about an important moment for the pack and write about it to help secure our memories for the future.

2. Teach another pack member how to read and/or write.

3. Tend to the library by either organizing, adding new books, or educating a packmate about some of the texts.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership.



In a pack so dedicated to keeping the peace, the Healers are considered very important. Healers continuously work on their skills and offer service to any harmed canine they come across. A good relationship between the Healer and Herbalist is a must to ensure the correct herbs are being produced. Furthermore, it may be a good idea to meet the warriors of the pack, for they will be the ones most likely in need of service.

Due to their vital role to the pack, the Healers are given a room in the Courthouse for their use which includes a main office and two rooms for patients. Healers are considered less skilled compared to the Master of Medicines of the Brotherhood and should defer to their leadership in healing situations.

1. Collect materials to create a healing substance OR visit the Herbalist to get ingredients for a healing substance.

2. Craft a healing substance (herbal tea, a balm, a medical liquid, etc.).

3. Help a fellow canine feel better by issuing treatment.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership.


An assistant of the Healers of the pack, the Herbalist knows everything there is about herbs. They have their own section of the Garden for growing anything their heart desires; they are responsible for knowing the effects of all the herbs they grow. They also know which ones taste the best, and maintain a variety of seasoning herbs for the Cooks.

1. Tend to the health of herbs in the gardens.

2. Collect a variety of herbs from the garden OR collect a new herb or plant from outside of the pack to grow.

3. Learn more about how the Healers use medicinal herbs and plants to further your character's knowledge about what is in the garden.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership.

Spiritual Advisor

A calming spirit of the pack who is very close to their deity, or, generally knowledgeable about the spirits. This canine should have a strong sense of values and morals, acting as a voice for the more superstitious, but understand that not everyone is religious. They are also a shoulder for those who are troubled and feel like they need someone to talk to, be it about a personal or spiritual issue.

1. Learn about the religious beliefs of a fellow canine.

2. Perform a religious ritual (exorcise a building, pray with a friend, sacrifice a creature etc.).

3. Advise a Cavalier on their religious needs.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership.


Stable Master

Horses are a very important part of pack life and require a lot of attention and training. Stable Masters are responsible for the overall care, training and breeding of horses specifically. They must be acquainted with all of the horses in the stables and their owners. It is important that they keep track of which horses are in and out of the stable at all times. If a horse goes missing while grazing, the Stable Master is the one to go find it.

Stable Masters are considered less skilled than a Master Equestrian in the Brotherhood, and should defer to their lead if needed.

1. Groom or exercise the communal horses.

2. Tend to the cleaning and organizational needs of the stables.

3. Perform a training session with a horse to get them comfortable with strangers, wearing a saddle, being ridden, etc.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership.


Unlike the Stable Master, Herdsmen care for the general livestock, including; chicken, sheep, and cows. They take count of the herding animals, and are in charge of livestock care and breeding. It is their job to make sure these animals are in large stock and healthy in order to feed the pack year round.

1. Watch over the flock of sheep or grazing chickens to ensure they don’t get up to no good.

2. Collect chicken eggs, shear the sheep, or bring some extra livestock to the butchers!

3. Arrange, or carry out, a breeding session with one of Casa’s livestock and another pack.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership.


These canines have a soft spot for bird companions. They are more than happy to attend to the care of Casa's birds of prey that are used as scouts and to send messages to other packs. When the birds give birth to chicks, it is the duty of the Falconer to care for and train the new birds. Should anyone need a message sent or a bird companion trained, these are the members to do it.

1. Use a bird to assist your character in a duty (hunting, scouting etc.).

2. Improve your character’s relationship with the bird(s) by handling them and feeding them.

3. Ensure the Bird Sanctuary in the stables is well maintained or give the birds a fun activity to do in the Sanctuary (hanging blocks or furs to chew/attack, hidden food, etc).

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership.

Food Management


Hunters provide the pack with the most food. They are encouraged to recruit other members to help with hunts, as they must supply the pack with a wide range of meat. As masters of the hunt they may also assist in teaching pups and younger members the art of hunting and tracking.

1. Lead a small group hunt (2+ characters).

2. Teach a fellow Cavalier a new hunting technique.

3. Track prey as it moves through Casa territory.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership.


The Fishers must keep a good stock of different kinds of fish available for the pack. They are also responsible for the care of water sources available to the pack, especially those close by Fort Kingsbury. Their responsibilities include: making sure the water is clear of garbage, ensuring that there is always enough fish to keep a stable population of wildlife, and using a variety of fishing techniques to bring in a variety of prey.

1. Participate in a fishing trip.

2. Maintain the “life preserve” on Whisper Beach by collecting a variety of shellfish or clearing it of debris.

3. Set up and check fish traps around Whisper Beach and Strega’s Bay.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership


Much like humans, Cooks prepare meat for those canines who prefer their meat cooked. This is an expected duty for events and they may also bring various prepared dishes to packs to encourage positive pack relations.

1. Prepare a meal for a sick, pregnant, or injured member.

2. Collaborate with a Hunter, Herdsman, or Fisher, on what prey stock is low or what animals need to be brought for slaughter.

3. Ask a Herbalist for advice or experiment in the kitchen on your own with spices, seasonings, and cooking techniques.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership.



The Joker is a source of joy for the pack! It is their responsibility to keep the mood light and happy. In the event of a conflict within the pack, the Joker may be called upon to bring humor to the situation for a positive result.

1. Put on a show to entertain one or more of Casa’s pups.

2. Console or be a listening ear to a mourning or troubled packmate.

3. Start up a simple conversation with a packmate and attempt to get to know them better through humor.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership.


Artists are artistic individuals, whether their mastery is of visual arts or those of a musical nature. They are often the life of the party at many pack events, and are expected to perform in a variety of settings. As the resident artists, they are often called on to teach pups how to express themselves through the arts, as it is important to the Casa culture that all canines are well rounded in their education.

1. Demonstrate and/or teach the basics of an instrument, vocals, or visual arts to a fellow member.

2. Create an art piece as a gift or for decor in your home or room.

3. Participate in performing entertainment at an event or for a pack member.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership.

Laborer and Craftsman


Groundskeepers tend to the landscaping of the Fort overall. They trim the trees, rake the leaves, pick weeds, trim bushes, plant flowers, set up decorations and patch up the wall when it is damaged. Although it is very hard labor, the Groundskeeper is very important to the pack, as they make it a beautiful home!

1. Tidy up the garden by weeding and harvesting.

2. Sweep, shovel, or weed the communal pathways to keep them clear.

3. Chop wood for the fireplaces and/or maintain fireplaces within the Courthouse.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership


Guardsman are the guardians of Casa di Cavalieri. Their primary objective is to keep all members safe and to be sufficiently skilled in defensive combat, be it with a variety of weapons or simple hand-to-hand. The Guardsman will often scout the borders for danger, light torches within the Fort, question visitors to Casa of their intentions, and serve as additional protection for members leaving the territory. These members may also be seen taking up night watches in the Fort.

1. Scout the territory borders for threats or potential danger, and take care of any intruder issue that arises.

2. Check and take information on any visitors that travel in or out of Casa's Fort or are found near the borders.

3. Serve as extra protection for the members of Casa by accompanying a pack member that travels beyond the territory.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership


The main canine of the gardens, they are in charge of all crops and helping with the animals. With special knowledge of how to grow different types of fruit and vegetables, the Farmers add some extra taste to the meat that the pack consumes. They also are in charge of making sure the horses have enough to eat throughout the winter and caring for the Garden.

1. Tidy up the Garden by weeding and removing debris.

2. Harvest or plant fruits, vegetables, and herbs from the Garden.

3. Explore 'Souls for unique plants and transfer some into Casa’s garden to add to its variety.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership


The Barbers may perform services inside and outside of the pack. They are responsible for helping with the dying of fabrics, as well as assisting members with dying of fur or skin. They study how to pierce the body with minimal pain, as well as the art of shaping hair. A shop in the Town Square is reserved for the use of any holders of this Co-rank.

1. Collect natural ingredients to make a dye.

2. Dye a form of clothing for a friend or the Tailor.

3. Give a packmate a tattoo, piercing, or haircut.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership.


In need of some woodworking? The Carpenter is responsible for keeping the wooden portions of the Fort in tip top shape. They may also assist members with any quick wood fixes possible, as well as making furniture or decorations for the pack. A shop in the Town Square is reserved for the use of any holders of this Co-rank.

1. Perform repairs on any of the Fort’s wooden buildings.

2. Create a wooden piece as a gift or as decor for your home/room or for the pack.

3. Fix something for a friend or a packmate, or, complete a commissioned piece.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership.


Blacksmiths are very important to Casa, as they are responsible for the collection of weapons to be held in the Armory. They must scout cities for any swords, daggers, shields, ect. and bring them back for fixing. All such weapons must be in tip-top shape in case of conflict. A shop in the Town Square is reserved for the use of any holders of this Co-rank.

1. Help maintain the armory by cleaning, organizing or repairing goods.

2. Collect metal scraps to add to the blacksmith shop resources.

3. Use the forge, anvil, and other tools in the blacksmith shop to sharpen and reform a packmate's weapons, or, create something.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership

Armor Crafter

The Armor Crafter is in charge of the care and restoration of leather armor in Casa di Cavalieri, along with the production of new armor pieces. The pack requires well maintained training armor for the rings, as well as properly fitted armor pieces for battle and show. A shop in the Town Square is reserved for the use of any holders of this Co-rank.

1. Help with the leather creation process by drying a hide and removing the fur from it. (Use these helpful information tips!)

2. Use rawhide or leather to create or repair a piece of armor.

3. Maintain or add to Casa’s training armors.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership


A master of fabric, the Tailor is often the best skinner in the pack and has a talent with the sewing needle. They should be able to effectively make various items from different fabrics and furs, including blankets and tailoring cloths. They are in charge of modifying and creating Rank Cloaks for their fellow pack mates. Tailors dry and treat any pelts brought into the pack for use. A shop in the Town Square is reserved for the use of any holders of this Co-rank.

1. Dry and work rawhide or leather. (Use these helpful information tips!)

2. Repair or create a Casa rank cloak to enhance our collection OR tailor something for a Casa member.

3. Repair or create tack for the stables.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership


The Crafter is an individual of a creative and inventive mind who has a talent for creating more unique or precious items beyond those needed for battle. They can be seen creating fine jewellery or accessories, helping other craftsmen with their designs or trading their goods for materials for the pack to use.

1. Trade or scavenge for materials needed for your creations

2. Gift someone a personally crafted good in order to spread word of your craftsmanship

3. Create a personalized good for someone

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership.

External Works


Although the Ambassadors keep pack relations friendly, it is up to the Merchant to travel and trade goods for pack use. They may be asked by the Leadership or a peer to retrieve specific goods for use. Merchants are also charged with knowing what goods we have too much of and what goods we need more of. A shop in the Town Square is reserved for the use of any holders of this Co-rank.

1. Trade for goods or collect information about what another pack/loners might need.

2. Take inventory of Casa's materials and create a list of our needs, as well as what we have enough of to trade.

3. Maintain and add goods to the Merchant shop in the Town Square for packmates to trade for.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership


The Scavenger is a resourceful canine capable of finding treasures of varying rarity for the pack. They often leave the pack for days at a time to pick apart buildings in cities in search of the best goods. The Scavenger should have a good knowledge of what is needed in the pack, and may even take independent requests. On their journeys, they track the best scavenging grounds to return to, and sometimes find themselves exploring more dangerous areas in hopes of treasure.

1. Explore a town and find an item to bring back to the pack – anything from jewelry to tools will do!

2. Daringly venture into a dangerous place such as a cave or crumbling building in search of unclaimed goods.

3. Find a human item and restore it, or, find a new and unique use for it.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership


Scouts are responsible for the more sneaky work done in Casa. Often, they will be sent by the Leadership to find out specific information regarding other packs if there are no Brotherhood Spies available. This information is to be learned to better defend the pack in the case of a war. Scouts must also participate in scouting and assessing the variety of territories in and around the pack. They are encouraged to explore the neutral territories and keep track of any interesting rumors.

Scouts are considered less skilled than a Master of Stealth in the Brotherhood, and should defer to their lead if needed.

1. Monitor the border of the territory to ensure they are safe and well scented.

2. Travel out of the territory to map out the borders of other packs and landmarks.

3. Collect information about ongoing events in another pack.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership


These canines love the sea and sailing. They maintain and sail the Avalon so that members may travel to other packs more easily. Sailors are jacks of all trades aboard a ship, knowing how to navigate by the stars, sail the ship, and fix any damage done to the boat during expeditions.

1. Maintain the Avalon by cleaning or repairing it.

2. Take the ship to sea! Man the sails, steer from the helm, or navigate from the Crow’s Nest - you choose!

3. Learn how to read a compass and map to help you navigate through the Loch of Fundy.

4. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership

Ambassador Co-rank

This is a requirement upon joining The Council. Councilmen must obtain an ambassadorship within 1 year of joining the Council, however, exceptions may be sought through Leadership. An Ambassadorship may be earned by members of the Brotherhood as well, using threads started after thier Oath. Earn an Ambassadorship by completing 3 of the prompts below.

Casa di Cavalieri requires Ambassadors for individual packs and Loner Bands. These Ambassadors are charged with maintaining a positive relationship between the Cavaliers and their chosen group. In times of war, they will be called upon to assist the Leadership and Lead Diplomat in matters of diplomacy. They are the foot soldiers of the Lead Diplomat and must give special care to their task as diplomats. Each group may have 2 Ambassadors at any given time.

1. Speak to a member of a groups about when and why they were created.

2. Spend some time in a foreign lands and learn about thier culture while building relationships.

3. Meet with the groups leader to give them a gift and offer your services as an Ambassador.

4. Attend a group event, celebration, or ceremony as a

5. Own Choice - Must be approved by Leadership

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