Fort Kingsbury


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Fort Kingsbury
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Fort Kingsbury is a small settlement left untouched since the demise of humans. After many years of restoration during the pack's lifespan, it has now been raised to its former glory with older and unusable buildings being destroyed and new ones being built in their place. Due to natural disasters such as floods and meteorites, the gallant Fort has undergone damages. However, due to the toiling Cavaliers, it has remained standing upright and is never neglected.

Fort Kingsbury is the heart and the hub of Casa di Cavalieri. The stone walls surrounding the settlement provide an undisturbed, close-knit community feeling that is unique to the knights. The focal point of Kingsbury is the shining Courthouse, which contains an armory, great hall, and living quarters for many Cavaliers. Members ranked Officer or higher may choose to claim one of the many houses or workshops that dot the outskirts of the Fort, or they may choose to create a home outside of the Fort. All new members live in the Courthouse in order to help them assimilate to Casa di Cavalieri's culture and rules.

The Courthouse

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The courthouse is home to all Casa Members of Recruit rank and higher. Most of the material in the building is of cement and stone construction.

Courthouse Interiors and Living Quarters
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Courthouse Layout

Main Level

The main level of the courthouse is for communal use only.

The Great Hall: The grand, main hall of the Courthouse. It has a vaulted ceiling and a balcony looking down from the top level. Pack meetings are usually hosted here.

The Courtroom: Rarely used for it's original purpose, the courtroom also has balcony seating on the upper level and a vaulted ceiling. It is located at the end of The Great Hall, and used for hearings in the cases of law breakers when needed.

The War Room: A conference room with a long, wide, wooden table and heavy wooden chairs for important meetings. There are various maps covering the walls, both of human and Luperci make.

The Leadership Office: An office only accessible through the War Room; meant for Leadership use only.

The Kitchen: No appliances in here work, though, members may use the stove by keeping hot coals or wood burning within it. Generally, this room is not used for anything except storage.

The Dining Hall: A big room with a long, rectangular dining table and wooden chairs. Used only by the most sophisticated canines or during pack feasts.

Patient Rooms and Healer Office: The pack's healers use the Healer Office to keep herbs and medical goods organized. Two patient rooms are kept clean for use during patient treatment. Those seriously injured in battle are often kept in the patient rooms throughout their recovery.

Guest Rooms: Two guest rooms are located on the main floor. These rooms are reserved for the use of guests requiring their own room.

The Lounge: A relaxing room for the members of the pack, containing couches, chairs, tables, and an old, out of tune, grand piano. A couple of shelves on the wall contain a handful of human books in good repair, as well Luperci-made ones.

Lower Level

The lower level is sub-level, meaning that it is partially underground. Small windows line the top of the walls to keep the rooms bright during the day.

Bedrooms: The lower level is the main housing for members. Each bedroom comes with a straw mattress on a wooden frame, a window or two, and sometimes a dresser, desk, and/or mirror.

Armory: Located at the back and center of the lower floor is the pack's armory. The armory contains a good range of weapons, including blunt and wooden practice weapons. Some roughly maintained armor and shields are also available for your character's training needs.

Storage: On either side of the armory is a large storage room. These rooms are used as cold storage, keeping cuts of meat and crops preserved for a little longer than it would out in the open. Most meat kept by the pack in storage is lightly salted for preservation.

Upper Level

The upper level, aside from the vaulted areas of the Great Hall and Courtroom, contains a few larger rooms. These are reserved for Leadership and Council. The Leadership have the largest rooms on opposite sides of the Courtroom.

Claimed Residences

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Note: Large rooms are for families, Medium for couples, and Small for single canines. Please do not take L1 or R1 unless you have more than 2 pups.

Members of Officer rank or higher may claim a house.

Members of Officer rank or higher that hold a Co-rank requiring a shop (Armor Crafters, Blacksmiths, Tailors, etc.) may claim a workshop.

Town Square

The Town Square is a simple square made up of a stone bricks with many abandoned shops around it. In the town square, shops can be turned into workshops for carpentry and other trades requiring work space. All shops have two levels, and members may choose to convert the top level into an apartment. Members who may choose to own a shop for their Co-rank include: Cook, Barber, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Armor Crafter, Tailor, and Merchant.


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Constructed early in 2012 by Casa members, the barn is a simple wooden building meant primarily for sheltering livestock throughout the year. It consists of a large section for the livestock where long grass from the Sea of Grass lines the floor, and a section of storage boxes for crops.


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The stables are made up of three separate shelters for horses. All contain approximately ten fair-sized stalls with wooden doors reaching 4"5 feet in height.

Horses are permitted to wander freely around Kingsbury throughout the day, but it is encouraged that owners of horses arrange for their companion(s) to sleep in a stall for safety at night. Equipment such as bridles, saddles, and feeding buckets can be seen laying around the buildings. Two stalls of the southern stable have been modified into a "bird sanctuary," made up of floor-to-ceiling mesh wire, perches, bird feed and water, and open holes (that once were windows) for birds to freely enter and exit. Communal and companion birds are welcome to use of the sanctuary.


Race Track Pasture: A simple, dirt race track is located in the eastern portion of the Fort. The track is a good place to test your horse's speed, or, exercise it without worrying about the thick forests. The center of the track is fenced in and used as a pasture for holding horses only when needed, as the horses within Casa are free-range within the safety of the Fort walls and gate during the day, and kept in the stables during the night.

External Pasture: With an expanding herd, the Cavaliers needed more space. In early 2018, the Cavaliers made a hole in the stone wall surrounding Fort Kingsbury. This hole as since become the gated opening to a pasture just outside the western walls of the Fort, where livestock can enjoy shade from ample trees and space away from the human ruins.

Art Credit: Barn floor plan by Marie and Stable floor plan by Ann.

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