In Casa di Cavalieri, ranks are visibly distinguishable by using a system unique to other packs. Each rank tier is assigned a cloak lined with a fur specific to their rank and significance within the pack. The cloaks may be dyed/altered, but the fur lining will remain the same until they move up to their next respective rank tier.

Simple, purple, hooded cloaks are stored on a rack in the basement storage of the Courthouse for member use. The cloaks have an inch wide fur strip which runs along the edges of the cloak. The differing fur patterns are a means of assisting fellow members with knowing who among them is of which rank tier; this also helps members properly address one another. Cadets may find the cloak system particularly useful in helping them distinguish an Officer member to mentor under in respect to their desired Co-ranks, and also to help current Recruit-ranked canines integrate into the pack.

It is highly recommended that members wear their corresponding rank cloaks around the pack lands whenever possible. Your cloak is a display of your rank and it is an honor to acquire one, as new members do not have the right to a cloak. Cloaks do not need to be worn outside of the pack territory, while training or scouting the borders, nor during hunts. Please assume that leadership had your cloak altered by a tailor each time you rank up.

Cloaks are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED during pack meetings or events.

Please note: Recruit ranks and below must rank up into the Cadet rank tier to be eligible to receive their rank cloaks. All members are permitted to wear cloaks, but they must not resemble the rank cloaks in fur type or location (fur from collar to bottom of shoulder blades).

Rabbit Fur - Cadet

Members of the Cadet tier make up the pack's main labor force. Their cloaks are lined with plush rabbit fur, dyed to their liking. These are newer members of the pack and should be sought out by higher-ranked individuals to further integrate them into pack life and begin their training for a Co-rank.

Deer Fur - Officer

Members of the Officer rank tier wear cloaks lined with soft deer pelt. Officers represent the middle class of Casa di Cavalieri, and are all achievers of at least one Co-rank. They are especially important to pack life, and their deer fur mantle's single them out as good sources of information, as well possible mentors for Junior Cadet, Recruit, and Cadet ranks.

White Rabbit Fur - Honored Elder

Members of the Honored Elder rank tier wear cloaks lined with beautiful white rabbit pelts. Elders represent those of Casa di Cavalieri who have lived a long life and have earned some leisure. These members provide wisdom and advice for the next generation.

Fox Fur - The Brotherhood

Fox fur mantles signify a member of the Brotherhood of Casa di Cavalieri. These individuals are highly respected and considered to be excellent sources of information. By their rank, they are required to have a specialization in a certain combative or survival skill.

Cougar Fur - The Council

Members wearing cougar fur are one of six powerful and respected members of Casa di Cavalieri's inner council. These ranks include: War Lord, Lead Diplomat, Keeper of Whispers, Labor Head, Pack Advisor, and Chief Cleric. They are second only to the Leadership, and command great respect both inside and outside the pack.

Bear Fur - Leadership

There are only ever two cloaks lined with bear pelt made at any given time. Bears are a fearsome enemy for the average Luperci, and anyone in Casa di Cavalieri wearing the pelt of one commands respect both in the pack and outside it. Bear fur is worn solely by the leadership of Casa di Cavalieri.

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