All for One and One for All

Unity is the heart and soul of Casa di Cavalieri. Formed after war ravaged Nova Scotia, a group of like-minded canines came together to form a protective force in the event of another wide-spread crisis. Their mission was to protect and serve; each other and their allies. At the core of Casa di Cavalieri's culture is respect, loyalty, and honor. Cavaliers uphold the ancient tradition of human knights with ideals like protecting the weak, and must always strive to lead lives of honor and glory. Cavaliers come in all forms and skill levels, and if they are willing to work hard and help others, then they are part of the family.


While displays of dominance and submission are not as important as in other, more feral, packs, members of Casa di Cavalieri are expected to defer to those that outrank them and to respect their judgments. Group mentality is encouraged, as even those of the lowest rank are expected to contribute to the betterment of their pack. Cavaliers are meant to work as a unit and must be in harmony with one another, sometimes even putting aside their personal differences for the betterment of all.

That being said, no one is considered above the law, and even the highest in ranks must conform to the pack’s standards. Each Cavalier is a brother or sister-in-arms and should be treated as one. Disrespect is not tolerated and can be punished by the leadership. Taking matters into one's own hands is discouraged, and leadership should be informed if your character has IC reason to believe another is causing trouble for the pack.


Not only is loyalty expected, it is required. Cavaliers must acknowledge that the needs of their pack comes first, and they must be always on the look out for its best interests. While relationships with outsiders are permitted and sometimes encouraged, Casa’s goal is a worthy one and outweighs those of the members of other packs. Leadership, as the head of command, has the right to call upon the Cavaliers to fight at a moment's notice, and to coward away would bring shame to your character. Each Cavalier is important, and when one link cracks, so does the strength of the pack.

Code of Honor

Every member of Casa di Cavalieri is expected to follow a code of honor that coincides with Casa’s own. It is a tradition largely considered worthy of upholding, and is something to constantly strive for. Cavaliers are reminded that, when visiting other packs, they are essentially extensions of Casa and must behave as one. Members are expected to obey Casa’s laws even in other pack territories. Failure to do so will result in punishment based on the severity of the crime. Regardless of if your character is a spy, a healer, or a fighter full of passion, they should uphold a moral code.

Combat Readiness

While not all members of Casa di Cavalieri join with a premeditated knowledge of combat, and are not required to, members are expected to possess the desire to learn to some extent. Cavaliers train to hone their skills, and often pick up new ones under the watchful eyes of their brothers and sisters as they progress through the ranks. Cavaliers are expected to be ready to fight at a moment’s notice and must keep their skills sharp, often engaging in training exercises alone or with other members of the pack. Not all Cavaliers will, or should be, interested in training, but it is expected that all members will be able to help defend their brothers and sisters if needed.

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