Apprentices and Mentors

Casa di Cavalieri incorporates the Squire/Knight relationships into our Mentor program. Around shifting age (4-7 months of age), youths are assigned to a member of the pack and start their apprenticeship through a ceremony. Apprenticeships last until the youth is ready to join the adult ranks at 12 months of age. To mark the completion of their apprenticeship, youths participate in the First Blood Ceremony.

Starting the Apprenticeship

Pups between 4-7 months of age will be contacted by the Leadership and asked to request three adult characters (Officer rank or higher, including a choice of Council or Leader characters) to possibly be their mentor. Depending on the availability of Mentors, pups may be assigned to the same Mentor, or, a mentor below the Officer rank. Mentors are announced In Character during the Apprenticeship Ceremony.

During the Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship is the Casa di Cavalieri equivalent to an education system. Mentors are responsible for turning the youths of Casa into well rounded adults. The education process should involve an introduction to the various jobs within the pack in order to help the youth determine a path that they might be interested in perusing as an adult. All youths of Casa are taught to read and write by their Mentor or parents.

If an Apprentice shows interest in a skill that the Mentor does not have experience with, it is the Mentor's duty to assist the Apprentice by matching him/her up with a member of the pack who can encourage the Junior Cadet's interest in the skill. Apprentices must all learn how to defend themselves. The Pup Sitter is responsible for keeping pups safe out of the parents' care, and will report any concerns they have about the pups' education; so, Mentors are encouraged to be active in the Apprentice's life.

Note: A lot of basic education can be assumed to happen; a Mentor and Apprentice are not required to thread out anything.

End of the Apprenticeship

At 12 months of age, Apprentices will be contacted by the Leadership and given all the information that they need for their First Blood Ceremony. All Junior Cadets are required to participate in the coming-of-age ceremony. Pending how their First Blood goes, Junior Cadets will continue on into the ranks as a Cadet (if they pass) or Recruit (if they fail).

Do I Have to Mentor?

If you would prefer that your character never be a Mentor, it is your responsibility to PM the Leadership and let them know, as Mentors are only announced IC.

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