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Junior Cadets


The rank given to newborns and pups under the age of 6 months. A puppy's role is to enjoy life!

Candid and Reticent

Youths between the age of 4-6 months are sorted into two groups once they are appointed a Mentor. The Candid path contains youths who are outgoing, show interest in wrestling with their peers, and a sense of adventure. The Reticent path is reserved for youths who are more conservative, show signs of intelligence, and are gentler in nature.

The distinct titles are helpful to Mentors—and other adults—in helping youths to pick a possible, future Co-rank, or find interests that are helpful to the pack. However, it is the Mentor's responsibility to provided a well-rounded education to their Apprentice. A youth's grouping does not have any long term effect on their role in the pack.

For more information, please see our Ceremonies and our Apprentices and Mentors pages.

Probation Ranks


All new members that are 1 year old or older start at this rank. Recruits are responsible for learning about the pack culture, making friends, and starting their training. Junior Cadets that fail their First Blood ceremony at one year of age are also placed into this rank.


Prisoners of war or members who have wronged the pack are marked as a Dishonorable. These members have no honor and need to be rehabilitated. They should not be shown the same respect as others. Although they are protected by Casa Law against physical violence, members generally will turn a blind eye to the odd shove, name calling, or taking away their kill. These members must work to earn back their honor and respect through excellent behavior and generally helping out around the pack.

Adult Member Ranks


The lowest rank of the three main tiers, Cadets are members who have proven that they are interested in being an active member of the pack and a defender of the needy. Although being a general laborer is not always glamorous, it is a step towards knighthood! Cadets are responsible for helping with the grunt work needed to keep the pack moving and should be on a continuous search for a Co-rank suitable to them.


The middle rank of the three main tiers, Officers are members who have earned a Co-rank and survived the hard labor of the Cadet tier, earning the trust of the Leadership and their peers. Officers are the supervisors of Cadets, making sure that all jobs related to their Co-rank are completed. On top of their supervision duties, Officers should be preparing themselves for full knighthood by completing the requirements of joining The Brotherhood, as well as helping new members settle into the pack.

Honored Elder

A spot for our elders who have served their time. This rank is for members of 5+ years of age who are unable to attend to their duties for physical or mental reasons. These members have earned their keep in Casa already and are no longer required to fight if called upon. They may keep their Brotherhood titles if they have earned them before moving to this rank. A member of 5+ years of age may volunteer to join this rank should they feel they are unable to physically or mentally fight in battle if called upon. Members of 10 years of age are automatically placed into this rank.

The Brotherhood

The highest rank of the three main tiers is divided into three sub-ranks. Members of The Brotherhood who have recently taken their vows are ranked as Sworn. Members who are more settled into their role as a knight are ranked as Valiant. Finally, members who have proven themselves to be deserving of extra honor and respect, are ranked Lionheart. Brotherhood members enjoy a less laborious lifestyle than the lower ranks, but are still responsible for completing tasks required by their Co-rank. They focus on training members in combat and mentoring Junior Cadets.

The Council

Reserved for long standing and trusted members of The Brotherhood, the Council consists of six positions. These members should look to expand their duties past the border and act as a face of the Cavaliers, working towards becoming Ambassadors to improve relations with other packs. As well, they assist the Leadership with the management of the pack and making of decisions.

War Lord

The spirit of Casa, the War Lord is the tactician in charge of advising—and partially leading—all matters of war. This member spends their days learning about the strengths and weaknesses of all Casa members and learning about the physical ability of other packs to better advise the Leadership in times of discourse. Their more mundane duties include: tending to the armory, ensuring that all weapons are in good condition and usable in combat situations, and general training of members.

Lead Diplomat

The Lead Diplomat is the face of Casa; this member is in charge of collecting and reporting information from all Ambassadors, including the other members of the Council. They are often away visiting packs and learning about their unique cultures, but, when they are home, the Lead Diplomat is regularly seen working alongside the War Lord, discussing the strengths and weaknesses that they have seen in other packs.

Keeper of Whispers

While the Lead Diplomat may be the public face of the pack, the Master of Whispers lives in the shadows. This Council rank serves as a repository for information, and acts as the secret-keeper for Casa. Their position requires them to work closely with our Ambassadors and Leaders, as well as an overseer for our Stealth Masters and Scouts. They often come and go from the pack on secret missions of espionage. Their findings often help our diplomats keep Casa di Cavalieri seen in a positive light while assisting the War Lord to prepare in case things turn south.

Labor Head

The backbone of Casa, this member is the handle turning the gears that make Casa di Cavalieri work smoothly. They act as a manager, assigning Cadets to Officers, and overseeing all labor within the pack for completion and quality. A good Labor Head is unafraid of hard work and getting dirty. They often assist Cadets with finding a Co-rank in Casa that fits their skills and is in need.

Pack Advisor

The heart of Casa, the Pack Advisor is not only an adviser to the Leadership, but to all who seek wisdom and guidance. This member is responsible for keeping the secrets of those troubled within the pack and advising them on all matters of the body, mind, and spirit. They are honor bound to not disclose anything a member tells them in confidence, unless they deem the information critical to the pack's success. Pack Advisors come in many forms; from a humble adviser seeking to help others, to spiritual leaders guiding through their beliefs.

Chief Cleric

The Chief Cleric is the glue that puts the Cavaliers back together again by ensuring that there are enough trained healers in the pack to patch up the fighters after battles. This member should have a strong grasp of herbology, and have experience working on a wide variety of patient needs from wounds, illness, and midwifery. The Chief Cleric ensures that the Herbalists and Farmers keep a steady flow of needed medicinal herbs and flowers, and teaches the new Healers to be well rounded. Their role is critical to keep the Cavaliers healthy in day to day life and in war.


Sole (Masculine)/ Sola (Feminine) and Lune (Masculine)/ Luna (Feminine)

The leaders of Casa di Cavalieri are named for the sun and moon that light up the Earth. The Leadership are charged with performing all ceremonies, the protection of the pack, and keeping up a comfortable lifestyle for their members. Together, they are a united and equal force leading the pack under the values of honor, loyalty, and hard work. They share in all responsibilities of leading the pack, and will naturally take lead roles they find comfortable. If Leadership has a disagreement on a path of action the vote will go to the Council or the Brotherhood.

Ranks Within Tiers

Some ranks are separated into subgroups. For example, Cadets and Officers are separated into two groups: Seconds and Firsts. Those who have just entered into the rank tier are titled as Second Cadet or Second Officer, while those who have been active members of the tier for more than a month are ranked First Cadet or First Officer.

Members of the Brotherhood ranks are separated into three groups: Sworn, Valiant, and Lionheart. Each group is described under The Brotherhood information above.

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