Join Casa di Cavalieri!

Greeting Joiners

  1. Only members of Casa di Cavalieri ranked in the Officer tier or higher may greet potential joiners at the borders. The only exception is if your character is specifically bringing a friend or family member to the pack.

  2. Greeters are expected to be able to reply at least once every other day.

  3. Unless previously discussed, only one member may reply to a joiner to avoid confusion and delays.

  4. If you have recruited the joiner, please have them state this OOCly in their initial joining post.

Accepting Joiners

  1. Only Leadership and Council members may accept joiners.

  2. Council members should IC question the joiner and then ask a Leader for approval before accepting them IC.

Traveling Outside of Casa


If your character will be outside of Casa for more than 1 week, please let the Leadership know by PMing the Casa di Cavalieri Account. This helps us track of how many characters are out of the pack for extended periods of time.


Characters who are under 6 months of age are not permitted to leave Casa territory unsupervised. If your puppy character does leave the territory, you must PM the Casa di Cavalieri Account. It will be assumed that the character's scent was noticed leaving the borders and your character will receive a scolding.

Avalon - Ship

Members of Casa may freely travel aboard our ship, The Avalon. Please view the link for further policies and information.


A minimum activity level is not required to stay in Casa di Cavalier, however it does effect your rank. As well, if leadership notices that a member is consistently struggling to maintain 3 or more posts a month, particularly on multiple characters, they may ask the player to limit their number of characters in the pack. Furthermore, players who continuously pick up, drop, or NPC characters within Casa to a point that it is effecting other members' ability to plot and develop characters, may receive a temporary ban or be limited to 1 character.

NPC Policies


  1. aNPCs are permitted in accordance to Souls Procedures.

  2. Characters who become inactive and are eligible for removal in activity checks will be granted a 2 month grace period and will be automatically placed on aNPC status. If the player does not contact Leadership with a pick up plan by the end of 2 months, the character will be removed. Leadership is happy to discuss aNPC lengths on a case by case basis as long as the player communicates with us and has a clear goal for pick up.

Other NPCs

  1. Members with yNPCs and cNPCs must post to the Casa Maintenance regarding their addition/removal to the pack or changes in rank.

  2. Each character or mated pair in Casa, NOT player, may only have 4 TOTAL yNPCs over the age of 1 year within the pack at any given time in order to prevent overcrowding of NPCs.

  3. Example 1: Coyote has 3 yNPCs from a previous litter that are a now a year old, and then she has 2 new yNPC pups. If none of the new pups are adopted by 1 year Coyote will exceed the 4 maximum limit by having 5 yNPCs over the age of 1 year. They would have to choose a yNPC to move to the Casa Outpost or off-board until some of the other yNPCs are adopted.

    Example 2: Wolf #1 has 2 yNPCs that are two years old and Wolf #2 has 4 yNPCs that are 5 months old, all are in the pack from previous relationships. When they become a mated pair their yNPC counts combines. Once Wolf #2's previous 4 yNPCs reach 8 months the pair will have 6 yNPCs over 1 year, thus exceeding the 4 limitation for a single character or mated pair. They must send two characters away from Casa, either to the Outpost or off-board.

  4. Members are free to play pNPCs within personal threads, but are highly encouraged to read the character's wiki for personality information beforehand. Players must add any threads containing pNPCs to the pNPC's wiki for other members to reference. A list of Casa's current pNPCs is located here for your convenience.

  5. Members are permitted to hold non-canine NPCs within reason, and are required to keep the Casa Animals Wiki updated with personal animal companions.

    For example: a character may have a horse and a bird NPC, but would not be permitted 3 cats, 2 birds, and 3 horses. Please be mindful of how much time and care each NPC requires on top of your character's rank duties.


  1. Please follow 'Souls Procedures.

  2. All trespassing threads must be pre-planned between members and approved by Leadership.

  3. Members should respond to trespassers from packs based on our Pack Relations.

  4. Trespassing loners will be asked politely to leave. Should this request be denied, it is assumed that they will be forcibly removed.


Characters who are not members of the pack but wish to visit, or, current members who are bringing in a guest from outside the pack, should seek permission from Leadership OOCly before the guests are intended to ICly be within Casa di Cavalieri.

Mandatory Pack Threads

Mandatory threads are rare, so it is expected that all members reply to such threads. It is up to the individual players to PM the Casa di Cavalieri Account if they cannot reply due to personal reasons. Members who do not reply and do not give a reason through PM before the thread is closed may be subject to delayed promotion or, in rare cases, demotion as, ICly, this would demonstrate a lack of your character's involvement in pack life.

Pack Affecting Plots

Any threads/plots that may affect the pack as a whole must be approved by the Leadership in advance via contacting the Casa di Cavalieri Account. Members who fail to seek approval may be subject to demotion, delayed promotion, and, potentially, a temporary ban from the pack. Such plots include, but are not limited to; fights between members of other packs (with knowledge of the characters' affiliations within such packs), verbally abusing or negative actions towards any members of any pack, trespassing, and providing sensitive information about Casa to any pack with a negative relation or loners with negative intentions.


All members may claim a room within the courthouse. Members of Officer ranks and above may choose to continue living in the courthouse or forfeit their room to claim a house.

If your character holds a co-rank that justifies it, they may opt to claim a workshop. This includes all co-ranks that would require their own work space (Carpenter, Blacksmith, Cook, Artisan etc.). All workshops come with a second floor apartment for living. It is encouraged, but not mandatory, that your character use this as their primary living quarters to ensure all members have housing.

Leaving/Returning to the Pack

Leaving: Any character is welcome to leave the pack at anytime for whatever reason. All co-ranks and Brotherhood ranks earned while in the pack are forfeit once a character leaves IC. If you are unable to pick up an NPCed character in Casa for more than two months after dropping, or have no current plans of re-picking up a character, it is recommended that you request they be moved to the Casa Outpost or go traveling off-board. If you are aNPCed and do not contact leadership they may remove your character from the ranks after two months at their discretion.

Returning: Members who held the rank Officer or higher previously may be appointed to First Cadet, instead of Recruit, at Leadership's discretion, having proven themselves to be values members of the pack previously. It is your responsibility to PM Casa leadership if you are returning and were ranked Officer or higher before leaving, in order to be evaluated for return at the First Cadet rank, instead of automatically being placed as a Recruit.

Not Following Policies

Should you not follow the policies outlined above, you will receive a policy warning from Casa Leadership. Members who receive multiple policy outlines (3 or more) may be asked to limit characters within the pack or receive a temporary ban.

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