This page provides some information about our Leadership, including contact information, preferred contact methods, and their character's general demeanor. Feel free to contact any leaders of Casa with any questions regarding the pack.

IC Leadership

Luca Knight was born in Casa di Cavalieri, grandson to one of Casa's founders, Jazper Rhiannon-Knight. In his young adult life, he acted out, rebelling against the norms of Casa and believing he could get away with it until the Lune at the time, Alistair Callow-Knight, knocked some sense into him. Since his and Alistair's showdown, Luca has worked hard, becoming Lune in late 2015. He tries to be a fair but practical leader, believing more in hard work and actions than flights of fancy and fairy tales.

Luca lives in a small yellow house between the gardens and barn. Members are free to reference him caring for the livestock and horses.


Player Wiki: Melissa
Primary: Luca Knight
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Discord: Melissa#4415

Hello there! I'm Melissa and I have been a member on Souls since 2007. I live in Canada, where I am currently a supply teacher and work at the Disney Store. I founded Casa with Jazper Rhiannon-Knight, who was Sole from October 2011 - May 2015. After retiring Jazper, I began focusing on his grandson, Luca, as my primary character. If you have any questions about the pack or want a thread with me, please send me a PM!

OOC Leadership


Player Wiki: Nat
Primary: Aldora Knight
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Discord: Nat#2613

Hey I'm Nat! I was one of the original founders of 'Souls, and so I've been an on and off member since 2001. I'm a super-adult person who lives in Texas with a husband creature, two cats, three tarantulas, a bearded dragon, and one snek. I have a regular full-time adult job, but 'Souls is my tasty piece of cake that I get to indulge in after a long work week. My primary character is Aldora Knight, who currently a member of the Brotherhood in Casa. I also do commissions which you are more than happy to ask me about at any time! Happy RP'ing!

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