Games Corner

The Game

There are many opportunities in Casa di Cavalieri to earn game points and claim prizes. Please pay attention to the information provided below and submit your points to our CdC maintenance thread.

Completion, Claiming, and Transferring Guidelines

  1. Threads must be archived in order to submit for points.

  2. Threads for IC-based points should be 3 posts or 900 words, whichever comes first.

  3. If a character is NPCed, dropped, removed from Casa di Cavalieri for 6 or more months and rejoins at a later date, they can not claim new points from their previous membership cycle.

  4. Points from Casa di Cavalieri's pack game may be transferred between packs with the other pack's Leadership's permission. They may only be transferred if the points were properly claimed in CdC's Maintenance thread and recorded before the character changed packs.

  5. Leadership will transfer points to new packs with Leadership permission. Please PM the Casa Leadership Account to have it processed.


Monthly Top Poster

Points for Monthly Top Posters are awarded to the highest three, cumulative post counts between activity checks. Winners are announced at each monthly rank check.

  • If you play multiple characters within Casa di Cavalieri, only one of your characters is eligible for the Top Poster points. E.g. Bob plays Jackal and Coyote in Casa di Cavalieri -- even if Jackal and Coyote are the highest and second highest posters, Bob is only eligible to claim points as Jackal.

  • The current Leadership abstains from collecting Top Poster points -- only regular members are eligible.
15Highest cumulative post count within a given month.
10Second highest cumulative post count within a given month.
5Third highest cumulative post count within a given month.

Word Count Points

101000+ word post*
9+900 word post
8+800 word post
7+700 word post
6+600 word post
5+500 word post
4+400 word post
3+300 word post
*For any additional words beyond 1000: 100 words = 1 point. ex: 1500=15 points)

IC Activity Points

50ICly recruit a member to Casa di Cavalieri
20 Complete the Brotherhood Oath
Organize and complete your own pack thread (Leadership permission required)
15 Bring another pack's leader a present
Increase diplomacy with another pack by teaching a member a new skill, giving a gift, or learning about their pack.
Train in a fighting style or get in a fight using any means represented in the Brotherhood Ranks (tooth-and-claw, ranged, stealth, etc.)
10 Thread with a leader of any pack (small group, 4 max, or 1-1 threads only)
Thread with a new member of 'Souls RPG (2 months of 'Souls membership or less)
Greet a potential joiner
Teach a fellow Cavalier a new skill
Start an AW thread on Casa di Cavalieri's territory
5 Move to the next rank tier (i.e. Move into the Officer ranks from Cadets)
Join a pack thread (mandatory or non-mandatory)
Add an item to Casa di Cavalieri storage, food stores, or a communal animal to the stables.
Perform a good deed.
Help another member with a mandatory rank thread (ex. A Co-rank thread OR training thread)
Start an AW thread in the neutral territories
Join an AW thread

OOC Activity Points

75Adopt an Open Character of Casa di Cavalieri
15Submit a contest idea
10Update the Casa di Cavalieri History or the Casa di Cavalieri Wiki
Make Pack Pride graphics (claim up to 5x a month)
5Enter a Contest

Co-Rank Points

15Earn a Co-rank
10Hold two Co-ranks simultaneously
5Have a thread where your character directly engages in their Co-rank's duties.


50Transfer or edit an existing custom title on your Casa character account, or, transfer an existing custom icon from your Casa character account (remember: custom icons can't be edited, ever).
100Free table for any character
Custom one-word title, Casa di Cavalieri color fade, bold, for three months
200Custom three-word title, Casa di Cavalieri color fade, bold, for three months
450Permanent custom title or icon
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