The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood is a group of loyal members who have taken an Oath to protect the pack, leadership, and all innocent lives. These brothers and sisters are the knights of Casa di Cavalieri, and are called upon to defend the pack and our allies in times of turmoil. As full knights of Casa, they are to be treated with the utmost respect. Brotherhood members are the elite of the pack and are to always act honorably.

The highest rank of the three main tiers, it is divided into three sub-ranks, unlike the other ranks. Members of The Brotherhood who have recently taken their vows are ranked as Sworn. Members who are more settled into their role as a knight are ranked as Valiant. Finally, members who have proven themselves to be deserving of extra honor and respect are ranked Lionheart. Brotherhood members enjoy a less laborious lifestyle than the lower ranks, but are still responsible for completing tasks required by their Co-rank. They focus on training members in combat, may test of-age Junior Cadets in their First Blood Ceremonies, and are often the first to be called on as Mentors.

Read about the Brotherhood Oath and the Vigil.

Requirements for Joining the Brotherhood

  1. Be ranked First Officer

  2. Be a member of Casa for 1 year

  3. Complete one thread with each member of the Leadership (Joining threads not accepted)

  4. Complete two challenges with a minimum of 900 words in each challenge thread. (challenges listed below, must be completed after becoming an Officer)

  5. PM Leadership all required threads - await a date for your character's Night of Reflection and Oath

  6. Write a Read-Only (RO) Night of Reflection and reply to Oath thread which will be started by Leadership

Note: Completion of a thread means you have written 900 words with a focus on the required act.

Brotherhood Ranks

Master of Bladed Weapons

Close combat fighters and users sharp bladed weapons such as: swords, axes, daggers, etc. They are usually aggressive and direct in attacks, and are always put on the forefront of the battlegrounds.

1. Spar against a fellow Cavalier while wielding a sword, axe, or other sharp weapon.

2. Teach another canine how to properly wield a sharp weapon.

3. Try using your weapon in a unique situation: blindfolded, on a horse, with a hand tied behind your back, etc. OR spend time maintaining your weapon (sharpen it, make a halter for it, get it repaired).

4. Own Choice - must be approved by Leadership in advance.

Master of Ranged Weapons

Ranged fighters who protect their sisters and brothers from a safe distance with their deadly aim.

1. Craft—or learn how to—arrows for your personal use.

2. Find a brave soul willing to help you practice shooting at a moving target.

3. Practice “Free Throw & Shoot,” where you throw objects and attempt to shoot them before they fall OR attempt to shoot a flying target.

4. Own Choice - must be approved by Leadership in advance.

Master of Poisons

These members deal in the dangerous business of toxins. They may know how to mix concoctions to cause temporary or permanent paralysis, or cause an enemy a slow painful death. Often, they will use a homemade poison on the tip of their weapons.

1. Gather ingredients to create a poison.

2. Test out the use of a poison on your weapon of choice against another animal.

3. Seek out healers and poison makers in other packs or in neutral territories to learn about recipes for varying levels of poisonous substances.

4. Own Choice - must be approved by Leadership in advance.

Master of Medicines

The healers of the Brotherhood are nothing to scoff at. They have studied the body and know where to strike to cause the most pain. They fight to protect the fallen and heal their wounds with great skill out in the field. The Masters of Medicine overlook and train the Healers.

1. Heal a fellow packmate (injuries minor to major) OR assist as a midwife during a packmate’s birth.

2. Seek guidance from another healer, from books, or any source you can find on different herbs and their uses OR create a healing substance (cream, medicine, etc.) from your knowledge.

3. Further your knowledge of anatomy by studying or performing the technique of striking strategically to knock down your enemy and win a fight swiftly and efficiently.

4. Own Choice - must be approved by Leadership in advance.

Master of Stealth

The spies and scouts of the Brotherhood handle darker matters for the pack. These silent heroes collect information about other packs through any means and go deep into enemy territory to lend an inside hand during war. If Casa is looking for someone, the Stealth Masters are the first to be called upon, as they are some of the best trackers in the pack. They are also in charge of training the Scouts.

1. Try out different ways of hiding your pack scent so that you can blend into the neutral territories.

2. Gather information about another pack while pretending to be a loner.

3. Inform a member of Brotherhood rank or higher of information learned while spying.

4. Own Choice - must be approved by Leadership in advance.

Master Equestrian

These canines enjoy the company of a war horse and know how to train the horses to show no fear in the face of battle. While others prefer to fight on the ground, these members storm in on horses, using weapons on horseback while trampling the foe.

1. Participate in a training and conditioning session with a war horse (can be your character’s personal horse or a communal/friend’s horse). Seek advice from a Stable Master if necessary.

2. Speak to a Blacksmith, or, with your own knowledge, find and acquire a weapon effective on horseback and/or practice with said weapon both on and off horseback.

3. Strengthen your bond with either your character’s own horse or a communal horse and/or seek advice on horse care from a Stable Master.

4. Own Choice - must be approved by Leadership in advance.

Master of Blunt Weapons

These members enjoy smashing their enemies with staffs, bats, or maces. Masters of Blunt Weapons prefer to depend upon the strength of their own bodies and the simplicity of hitting another with a blunt weapon.

1. Spar against a fellow Cavalier while wielding a blunt weapon.

2. Teach another canine how to properly wield a blunt weapon, or otherwise be taught by a more experienced member how to wield a blunt weapon.

3. Obtain a blunt weapon of your own and/or learn how to care and maintain it.

4. Own Choice - must be approved by Leadership in advance.

Master of Tooth and Claw

The most naturalistic fighters of the group, the Masters of Tooth and Claw use their teeth and claws to fight. They are masters at martial arts, boxing, or other forms of hand-to-hand combat. Some Tooth and Claw Masters even prefer to fight in their Secui form, pushing over their prey with brute feral strength.

1. Spar against a fellow Cavalier using only your teeth and claws.

2. Complete a spar or a training session in Lupus or Secui form, or otherwise perform a hunt/patrol/attack/etc. in one of these forms to become more familiar with these skins.

3. By either consulting with a Master of Medicines or Tactician, or, by learning through your own research, uncover and/or demonstrate how knowledge of anatomy can aid in hand-to-hand sparring. Learn where to hit to make the most effective strikes and bring down your foe the quickest.

4. Own Choice - must be approved by Leadership in advance.

Master Tactician

These intellects prefer to plan rather than get their hands dirty, though, they do what they must. The Master Tacticians are well known for studying the canine anatomy and knowing how to best manipulate it - causing them to have a fighting style similar to the Master of Medicine. Outside of the battlefield, they study the facts about their opponents and learn how to create the best tools to increase pack defense and offense.

1. Observe a spar and record movements, strengths, and weaknesses of those involved.

2. Give a one-on-one lesson to a friend on how they can best use their body type, skills, and weapon choice in a battle and warn them what to avoid.

3. Advise a pair of Cavaliers on how they can best support each other in a fight based on their individual body types, strengths, and weaknesses, or, be taught these things by a more experienced member.

4. Own Choice - must be approved by Leadership in advance.


The Brotherhood
Master of Bladed Weapons Master of Ranged Weapons
Teagan Stryder
Guinevere Callow-Knight
Makoto Ridley
Jace Wolfe
Master of Poisons Master of Medicines
Veri Secanti
Master of Stealth Master Equestrian
Luca Knight
Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii
Master of Blunt Weapons Master of Tooth and Claw
Master Tactician
Aldora Knight
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